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Important Documents
AFS Course Outline/Syllabus Summary of topics covered in AFS courses. Please note that some elements will be included as part of home study materials to meet local study time requirements (4, 8, or 16 hours).
Microsoft Word (.doc) file
AFSI Certificate Sample .doc, 228 KB
Bucks County (PA): Application For A Certified Food Safety Manager Certificate .doc, 587 KB
Bucks County (PA): Environmental Services Fee Schedule .doc, 521 KB
Effective January 1, 2013
Bucks County (PA): Recertification Application For Certified Food Safety Manager Certificate .doc, 504 KB
Conference for Food Protection Standards 2004 Standards for Accreditation of Food Protection Manager Certification Programs
PDF File, 36 pages, 1mb
With instructor qualifications and exam development criteria
d d
document financial
f f
Hand Washing and Hygiene Policies (AFSI Example) .pdf, 95 KB
Montgomery County (PA): Certification Application .pdf, 327 KB
PA Request for Food Employee Recertification .pdf, 25.1 KB
Pennsylvania's New Food Regulations .pdf, 64.7 KB
Philadelphia Certification Application .pdf, 194 KB
Philadelphia Emergency Reference Guide .pdf, 155 KB
Philadelphia HACCP Logs Example .pdf, 551 KB (5 pages)
Philadelphia HACCP Summary .pdf, 563 KB (2 pages)
Philadelphia Self Inspection Checklist .pdf, 246 KB
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