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The American Food Safety Institute is an educational institution, which has been providing food-borne disease prevention training and certification since 1989. Our team of 20 health professionals is dedicated to preventing the estimated 9,000 needless deaths (FDA Food Code preface, 1999) caused by food-borne diseases each year. Our staff includes Physicians, Food Scientists, Registered/Licensed Dietitians (RD/LD), Health Officers (RS, REHS, CFSP, and CHO), Nurses, adult education professionals (MA, MEd), Executive Chefs, and customer service professionals.

AFSI also endeavors to prepare the food service owner and/or managers to fulfill their obligation to train their food service employees. A primary learning objective of every AFSI class is to help food service owners/managers become good "story tellers" and advise their employees how important key food safety practices really are. People must understand "why" as well as "what."

There have been extensive changes in the United States food supply during the past generation. "Factory farming" has replaced many family farms. AFSI supports the many industry and government agencies, which are working to reduce the pathogens (bad germs) out of our food. The key food safety practices of good personal hygiene, time & temperature control, preventing cross-contamination, cooking or consuming them within 7 days, "when in doubt, throw it out" and purchasing foods from safe sources must be practiced at all times.

The sad truth is, that failure to maintain critical food safety practices at home or at food service establishments still claim the lives of too many children, seniors, unborn children and the immuno-compromised. The good news is that foodborne illness declines as food safety education increases.

Please visit the areas of this website. If you are a consumer, simply click on "Home Food Safety" and print out the 10 food safety rules with our complements. If you are an industry professional, we invite you to consider attending one of our certification courses (see course schedules).

If you are considering taking any food safety-training course, we recommend that you find out the following information. Unfortunately, some states still do not have instructor licenses:

1. What is the instructor’s background? Do they have a NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) or NEHA (National Environmental Health Association) credential?

All AFSI instructors are NEHA and/or NSF certified. Do you want to take a food safety class from someone who teaches accounting most of the time?

2. How long has the company been in business? Can they supply references? Are they licensed or approved by the health department?

We guarantee that AFSI is licensed and/or approved in every jurisdiction where it holds classes. The only US health jurisdiction that we know of that does not currently accept AFSI training with the CFP exam is New York City, which requires that managers can only qualify by passing their exam.

AFSI is proud to serve as trainers for many of the nations finest establishments and public health agencies (see references):

The State of Delaware Department of Health
The Massachusetts Health Officers Association
The State of Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals
The State of Mississippi Department of Health
The County of Fresno, CA Department of Health
The County of Sacramento, CA Department of Health
Wal-Mart Stores
The first licensed food safety provider # 001, by the County of Los Angeles, CA

3. Does the training provider have business liability and malpractice insurance?

AFSI carries business liability insurance through State Farm and malpractice insurance through the Healthcare Providers Service Organization.

We hope that the information on this website will help you enjoy healthy eating.

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