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Food Manager Certification - Examination Practice Questions

The AFSI practice exam will help you review the material you need to know and help insure you pass the first time!

1. Foodborne infections occur when people eat: (choose the BEST answer)?

Poisons produced by microorganisms
Live, pathogenic microorganisms
Strong chemicals
Food with a pH of 8.5

2. Listeriosis is:

A virus
A parasite
An infection
An intoxication

3. What is the best method for calibrating a bi-metallic stemmed thermometer?

Adjust the calibration nut so that the dial reads 0 degrees F
A good thermometer is calibrated by the manufacturer and never needs to be re-calibrated
Place the stem in an ice-water slush, then turn nut so that the dial reads 33°F
Run it under very hot water, then read the dial to be sure it has moved

4. The minimum concentration of iodine sanitizer at room temperature is:

150 ppm
50 ppm
12.5 ppm
100 ppm

5. Raw meats and poultry should be stored:

On the bottom refrigerator shelf to avoid cross contamination
In plastic wrap so that they don't touch other foods
At a temperature of 45 degrees or lower to preserve freshness
Within 3 hours of receiving, to minimize contamination

6. What is a cross-connection?

When water pressure drops, causing a problem
Hot and cold water pipes that have been mislabeled
A way through which contaminants from drains, sewers or waste pipes can enter a potable water supply
An air gap that is 3 times the diameter of the faucet

7. From a sanitation perspective, which are considered the most dangerous to a foodservice establishment?

Fruit flies

8. Which would be most dangerous?

Ground beef stored above ready-to-eat foods in the refrigerator
A hair in a cup of soup
An ant in boiling hot soup
A baked potato that has mold on it

9. Hand sanitizers:

Can be used as a replacement for hand washing
Only work on clean hands
Can also be used to clean dishware
Neutralize all food contaminants under the fingernails

10. What is a sign that a shipment of fish is of UNACCEPTABLE quality?

The fish is packed in crushed, self-draining ice
The eyes are sunken and cloudy
No fishy odor is detected
Fingerprint does not stay visible on the flesh

11. What is the minimum cooking temperature for ground turkey?

130 degrees F
145 degrees F
155 degrees F
165 degrees F

12. The BEST reason to air dry dishes and utensils is:

To avoid contaminating them with unsanitary towels
To give the sanitizer time to break down biofilms
To keep employees from touching them
The air acts as an additional sanitizer

13. HACCP stands for:

Hazardous Actions Critical Concepts Plan
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
Hazard Actions Cautious Controls Point
Hazard Analysis Control Center Plan

14. If a customer spills hot food on the floor, the first thing to do is:

Bring the customer a replacement meal
Clean it up
Get signs to place around the area to prevent accidents
Have a co-worker stand by the spill to warn people

15. Which of the following is a virus?

Listeria monocytogenes
Hepatitis A

16. Most potentially hazardous foods have a pH level between:

3.1 - 7
4.6 - 10
1. - 3.5
10.2 - 14

17. Staphylococcus aureus is most often transmitted by:

Time/temperature abused crisp bacon
Undercooked rice
Unwashed bundles of grapes
A food handler with an uncovered sore on his hand

18. Which of the following foods is potentially hazardous?

Refrigerated catsup
Commercial mayonnaise
Fresh, raw seed sprouts
A washed apple

19. Which of the following is NOT an approved thawing method?

Under cold, running water at 70 degrees F
In a refrigerator at 38 degrees F
In a covered sanitary pan at 75 degrees F
In a microwave, then placed immediately on a stove

20. Bacterial spores:

May survive correct minimum cooking and freezing temperatures
Are always destroyed by cooking and freezing
Are completely removed by thorough washing of vegetables
Are of no concern to food service managers


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