American Food Safety Institute
Health Regulation Compliance, Inc.

 Dear Philadelphia Food Service Manager: 

Thank you for your recent participation in the AFSI Food Service Manager re-certification course approved by the Philadelphia Department of Health.  Enclosed are the papers that you need, including:

Application for a Philadelphia Food Safety Certificate, with instruction sheet. This must be completed and mailed with a check or money order for $ 10 to:

Philadelphia Department of Health-EHS
Office of Food Protection
321 University Avenue
Philadelphia, PA  19104

Your AFSI certificates of completion. Please keep or display the Blue certificate. Please mail the Green certificate to the Philadelphia Department of Health with your application (above).

Your Food Handling Evaluation Record Log, which you completed in class.  This food safety flow chart should illustrate the reasonably likely and significant food hazards and corresponding controls (critical control points) in your establishment.

Most critical control points at retail food service establishments involve the key food safety practices of time & temperature controls, prevention of cross-contamination and hand washing/hygiene. Your food safety flow chart should be updated as changes are made in your establishment. We have also  enclosed a blank log and model flow chart for your future use and reference. 

-Keep it hot (above 140) or cold (below 40) or don’t keep it! Get, use and calibrate thermometers.
     Know and measure cooking times and temperatures!
-Put the sign (“raw below cooked”) on your refrigerator, get colored cutting boards (for raw meats
     only), train and monitor your employees to prevent cross contamination.
-Complete the Food Establishment Self-Inspection Checklist often. This must be completed quarterly
     as a legal minimum.

It has been a pleasure working with you.

Sincerely, David Nash, PhD, MPH, CFSP                    Marlene O. Nash, MS, RD

 American Food Safety, 2734 North 5th St, Philadelphia, PA 19133
Phone:  800-723-3873  Fax:  215-634-6184